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Our History

The owners of Transaction One LLC have been involved in the Credit Card Processing industry from its inception  – from the first knuckle busters to the current multiple electronic forms of accepting credit card payment.

Transaction One was established in 2004, born of the desire to bring clarity and transparency in reporting to all merchants. We have become known as the Merchant Advocate due to our award winning practices and the integrity with which we have conducted ourselves.

Transaction One has been recognized by The Best Of Destin in Credit Card Processing for the last eight years and have been awarded the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics from the Better Business Bureau in 2013 and 2016.

Transaction One and our Wholesale (Interchange) plus program have brought understanding to our Merchants so they may control, manage, and reduce their credit card Processing costs.

You, too, can experience the Transaction One difference.

Our Owners

Michael J. Smith

Emilie Smith 
Executive Vice President

Television Interview
Host Amy Perry, Pleat & Perry, P.A., visits with Michael J. Smith, President,Transaction One LLC.